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With three facilities in El Paso, TX and one in Santa Teresa, NM, you’re sure to find the unit you’re looking for at one of our facilities. We offer a broad range of unit sizes, and our facilities are located in great neighborhoods near major roadways for a convenient storage experience. Whether you live in El Paso or just across the New Mexico border, Climate Self Storage has a solution that’s perfectly suited for your personal storage needs. Contact us today to reserve your unit!

Why Climate Control?

If you've lived in this part of the country for very long, you know that it gets HOT. Heat the humidity can wreak havoc on a broad range of items, causing damages like rust, mildew, mold, warping, fading, cracking, and more. Even a sudden drop in temperature can cause a range of damages, too. A climate-controlled storage unit will keep your unit at a constant temperature and humidity level, helping you protect your belongings from damage.

About Us

The great El Paso, TX metro is a great place to live, but it comes with its downsides. The heat, for example, can be a big nuisance when you’re storing your belongings. If something is important to you, you can’t just keep it in a hot garage. The heat here is damaging - and you certainly don’t want your belongings to be affected by rust, mildew, mold, warping, melting, fading, or cracking. That’s why many people seek another option.
A climate-controlled storage unit is the solution to the El Paso sun! You can safely store your belongings in one of our storage units and not have to worry about heat or humidity causing damages to your belongings. What’s more, we have four conveniently located facilities in the area. With three facilities located right here in El Paso and one across the border in Santa Teresa, NM, you won’t have to go far to find the solution you’re looking for.