Climate-Controlled Self Storage Units

Keep your belongings in top condition

Why Choose Climate Control?

See the difference

Sometimes, you just want the best. And that’s okay—we have it!

Climate-controlled self storage units feature regulated temperature and humidity levels. This makes them ideal for sensitive items like furniture, linens, clothing, and even musical instruments.

Fortunately, Climate Self Storage offers climate control, the solution for those who need just a little more out of their self storage unit. Or for those who just want the best.

Climate control helps keep your belongings in better shape when storing. Keep your stuff out of the way and in a comfortable environment! Rent a climate-controlled storage unit in El Paso or a climate-controlled storage unit in Las Cruces and feel better about where you keep your belongings!

Climate Controlled Storage Units in a Range of Sizes

What Needs Climate Control

Learn what you need to store with climate control

  • Musical instruments
  • Bedding, linens, and expensive fabrics
  • Vinyl records
  • Electronics
  • Medical supplies
  • Fragile heirlooms & artwork
  • And more!

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